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At BrightHills, we believe that success is not just about the solutions we create, but also about the relationships we build. Our collaborative environment fosters creativity and innovation, allowing each team member to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. With a shared passion for excellence, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering results that make a difference.

Our people-centric mindset reflects the company culture that has evolved over the years espousing teamwork and supporting one another as we strive to create solutions that will have a positive impact into the future.


A resource economist, environmental planner and entrepreneur, Andor was born and grew up in the U.S., but has spent most of his adult life working on both sides of the Atlantic for public and private sector clients. In 2003, he leveraged technical skills in Geographic Information Systems and web-based information systems to create the consultancy that would become IronRooster. Today, his company is Central Europe’s leading provider of regulated software services for healthcare and medical technology firms.

Andor Farkas
Founder and CEO

Lajos Kardos has been with the company since 2004. He earned a degree in IT engineering from Széchenyi University of Győr and later completed an MBA program at the same university. He earned a certificate in Project Management at Villanova University and he completed the Entrepreneurship course at Harvard Business School. Lajos has spent much of his career leading software teams developing safety-critical, regulated healthcare applications and managing the company’s quality assurance processes. In his current role, he oversees our Human Resources and Business Development teams.

Lajos Kardos
Director of Strategy and Co-Owner

Krisztián Kuntner began working with the company in 2005. Krisztián has a M.Sc. degree in IT engineering from the University of Veszprém and also studied project management at Villanova University. He leveraged his decade-long project management experience in regulated medical device development to obtain PMP certification.

Krisztián Kuntner
Director of Development and Co-Owner

“The best thing that you can do with an idea is to share it with others!” This is the motto of our Director of Innovation and Co-Owner Pál Molnár who has been with the company since its earliest days. Pál has a degree in IT engineering from Széchenyi University of Győr and also completed an MBA program at the same university. His passion for innovation and new technologies motivated him into product development at the company.

Pál Molnár
Director of Innovation and Co-Owner


András Légrádi
Head of PMO
Attila Katona
Head of Quality Assurance
Béla Venesz Dr.
Head of Business Development
Éva Béres-Katona
Head of HR
Gábor Kovács Dr.
Director of Finance
Hella Pethő
Head of Product Design
Jaszlits Christopher
Head of Support
Norbert Kránitz
Head of Software Development
Norbert Pintér
System Engineering Lead
Tekla Reitzi
Head of Software Testing
Zsuzsanna Szőcs
Office Manager


Balázs Bakó
IT Sales Consultant
Petra Mandl-Tóth
Key Account Manager
Stevie Farkas
DACH Sales Representative
László Árki
Sales and Communication Manager
Nathaniel Sandys
Key Account Manager
Krisztina Nagy
Sales Assistant


If you're on the hunt for a dynamic team to bring your visions to life, look no further—turn to us for collaboration and innovation.

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